Asking about Payment

Asking about Payment

How would you like to pay?

We would like to pay separately. It's over charged.

Shall I explain some items for you? Here is the receipt and change.

A: Do you have any vacancies?

B: Yes, we have a nice room on the sixth floor. A: How much is it?

B: 200 yuan a night.

A: OK. Does it include breakfast?

B: Yes.

(A clerk is asking about the payment.)

Guest: Excuse me, I booked a room here.

Clerk: Your name, please?

Guest: Brown, Clara Brown.

Clerk: Wait for a minute, Mr. Brown, a single room with bath from today to the tenth.

Guest: That's right.

Clerk: Would you like to register now?

Guest: Yes.

Clerk: Could you fill out this registration form, please?

Guest: OK. Is this all right?

Clerk: Yes. Thank you. May ? see your passport, please?

Guest: Here you are.

Clerk: Thank you. Will you be paying in cash or by credit card? Guest: In cash.

Clerk: Your room number is 310. The bellboy wilt show you the way there. I hope you enjoy your stay.