We have a wide range of vegetarian dishes for your choice. Would you like some fresh ground pepper?

I'd like a small thin crust, sausage and onion.

A: What’s the best thing that you eat in the US?

B: I would say the pizza, definitely!They’re crazy about it!The Pizza they eat is very different from that we eat in our country.

A: Why? What’s the difference?What’s toppings do they have?

B: Well... There are so many different kinds. Let’s see... They have all the usual combinations.

A: Oh,i know.

(Jim orders Pizzas at his room.)

Receptionist: Hello. Room Service. May I help you?

Jim Black: Hello. This is Jim Black in Room 1013. The pizza I order­ed earlier hasn't come yet.

Receptionist: Oh, sorry, sir. Let me see what the delay is. (Pause)Sorry sir, you said you are in Room 1013?

Jim Black: Yes.

Receptionist: But we have a wrong number. It should have been not 1613. Is that right?

Jim Black: Yes. When could I have it?

Receptionist: It won't take long. By the way. Don't you need drinks?

Jim Black: I've already got some grape juice, thank you.

Receptionist: I'm sorry to have kept you waiting so long, sir.

Jim Black: Never mind, good-bye.