print service

print service

Can you print these photographs for me? This photo is under-exposed.

I want to have these enlarged two times.

I can think of nothing better.

A: Good morning, sir! What can I do for you?

B: I want to printing photographs.

A: Very well. What size would you like to print?

B: Six dimension is just OK?

A: OK, sir.

B: This is the memory card. Here you are. 


(A guest asks a hotel clerk to print picture tographs.)

Clerk: What can I do for you?

Guest: Yes, I'd like to print photographs.

Clerk: OK. Have you touched up those pictures with PS, sir?

Guest: Not yet. Can you do It for me?

Clerk: All right.

Guest: Thank you.

Clerk: My pleasure. But it will take us some time to do it. Can you come back tomorrow?

Guest: OK.

Clerk: What size prints would you like?

Guest: Regular, please.

Clerk: And how many copies of each?

Guest: Make one print each photograph.

Clerk: OK. Here's your receipt. Bring this with you when you see the films.

Guest: Is there a special discount?

Clerk: No discount currently, sir.