Receiving Visitors

Receiving Visitors

While you were out, a friend of yours came by to see you. He left note for you.

You have a visitor.

It's a regulation here. Everyone must comply with it.

Please forgive me for giving you a lot of trouble.

A: (after announcing visitor to guest)Thank you. And could you please fill out this form before you go upstairs?

B: Why? I've never had to fill in a form before!

A: It's because it's after 11:00 p. m..

B: This is a bit much, really.

A: I'm sorry, I understand. But I'm afraid we're required to do this by the Public Security Bureau. It's not a regulation of T. I. B.;i hope you understand.

B: Okay, okay. Here you are.


(When Brook sees his friend,he talks with a clerk.)

Clerk: Sir, may i help you?

Brook: No, thank you. I'm just going upstairs to see a friend. Clerk: We must announce visitors to our guests. May I have the guest's name, please?

Brook: Roger Whitestead.

Clerk: May i have your name, please.

Brook: Brook.

Clerk: Just a moment, please... Hello, Mr. Whitestead?

Mr. Whitestead: Yes?

Clerk. This is Reception. There's somebody here to see you, Just a moment, please…?Hands the phone to the visitor... to visitor when call is finished) Thank you. Brook: No problem.

Clerk: The elevator is over there