At the Reception Desk

At the Reception Desk

If you are ready, the bellboy will take you to your room.

Please remember to bring your key card down to the front desk. Would you like to leave a message?

Do you mind moving two floors up?

A: Good morning. Welcome to Crown Restaurant. What can I do for you,sir?

B: Yes. I have a reservation with you.

A: Thank you, sir. May I have your family name, please?

B: Yes, it's Brook.

A: Could you fill out the registration card, please? Your reservation is for a double room for two nights. Will that be all right?

B: Yes.

(A hotel clerk doesn't find the record of the reservation and  consulting with the guest about the solution.)

Clerk: Thank you for waiting, sir. I'm afraid we have no record of your ! reservation. Where was it made?

Guest: That's very strange. It was made about two weeks ago through our travel agents at home, Orient Tours, Pasadena, California.

Clerk: Just a moment, please. I’ll check our reservation record again. I Thank you for waiting, sir. I'm afraid we have no record of any reservation made by Orient Tours in your name.

Guest: Well, do you have a room for us?

Clerk: I'm very sorry sir, but our rooms are fully booked for the next week.

Guest: That's crazy! Where are we going to find a room at this time of day?

Clerk: Shall ? find another hotel for you?

Guest: Yes, please do and make it quick!

Clerk: Certainly sir. I'll book you into a hotel in this area. Just a moment, please.