How about today's special?

What is the restaurant famous for? One of our specialties is smoked fish. What would you recommend?

A: I don't have a good appetite today. What do you suggest in part­icular?

B: I suggest assorted vegetables first. It can stimulate your appetite.

A: Good. HI have that first.

B: What about shrimp?Shrimp is not heavy.

A: You're right.i like shrimp actually.

B: We have good shrimp here. What about Shrimp Curry?

A: Yes, write that.

(A guest comes here for the first time, and doesn't know what to eat) 

Clerk: Excuse me, would you like to order now?

Guest: Yes. But I'm new in your hotel and this is my first time to come to your city. So IVe not made up my mind what to order. Could you give me some advice on your dishes?

Clerk: Yes, I'd like to advise you to have some beef. We have a long history to serve it here.

Guest: But beef is rather a traditional dish. I want to taste something special, especially that which can remind me of your hotel.

Clerk: Yes, sir. But we cook beef in a special way in our hotel. I'm sure you'll certainly be quite satisfied with it. Besides, we serve the beef with a few seasonings together. That'll make it  very delicious.

Quest: All right. I'll have some.

Clerk:How do you want the beef rare, medium or well done?

Quest: i prefer  beef. thanks.