Do you have a table for four by the window?My friends love the . view of the plaza.

We have received many bookings, so I cannot guarantee a table by the window.

We are a group of five. Is there a table in non-smoking area?

You can be sure that we'll try our best.

A: I'd like to reserve a table for three at 7:00 this evening.

B: Let me check. Hold on, please... Yes, that's fine. Smoking or non­smoking area?

A: Non-smoking, please.

B: All right. May I have your name?

A: My name is Zhong Xin.

B: OK, sir.



(Jesse wants to book before closing the door.)

Jesse: Excuse me, but when does the Chinese Restaurant close?

Clerk: It closes at around 9 o'clock.

Jesse: It's a quarter to nine and the Chinese Restaurant will close in 15 minutes. But my friends will not be able to arrive here before a quarter past nine.

Cleric Don't worry. I'll call another restaurant and book a table for y for half past nine.

Jesse: Thank you. Please reserve a book for three in non-srn° area, and I prefer a quiet comer.

Clerk: All right.

Jesse: How can I get there?

Clerk: It's just near our hotel. You can get there on foot.