room to room call

room to room call

I'm afraid. I cannot transfer calls from the house phone.

Please connect me to room 405.

Do you know what room he's in?

He's on another line. Would you care to wait or shall I have him cai you back?

Sir, you're through now.

All house calls are free.

A:This is the Operator. May I help you?

B:Yes. I'd like to call my friend in his room. What shall I do?

A:Do you know the room number, sir?

B:Yes, it's 317.

A:Please dial 5 and then the room number.

B:l see.

(Wang Nan needs to call his friend, but he forgets the room number.) 

Clerk: Good night. Information Desk. May i help you?

Wang Nan: Yes, I have something urgent to speak to Mr. Li, but I forgot his room number.

Clerk:i see, sir. I'll check it for you. How do you spell his name, please?

Wang Nan: L, I, Li and J, I, E, Jie.

Clerk: Thank you, sir. Hold on, please... Thank you for waiting  sir. Mr. Li is staying in Room 1121. Are you calling outside, sir?

Wang Nan: No, it's a house phone.

Clerk: I'm afraid we cannot transfer room-to-room calls. I you make the call directly, please?You may dial  9 and then the room number.

Wang Nan: All right, thank you.