What is the difference between white and gold aim?

The Rum is originally from theCaribbean Sea.

And that was without a single drop of rum!

The best treatment for a cold is black coffee liberally laced with rum. Range of rums made inFloridaand distilled in continuous and pot stills.

A: Good evening, sir.

B: Good evening. I want something to drink. Do you have some advice?

A: All right. I'd like to recommend rum swizzle.

B: And how is it made?

A: It's called a pousse cafe made from several liqueurs. Each liqueur has a different weight and one can sit on the top of the other. I’ll also put bitters to make it pink.

B: That sounds really wonderful.


(Mr. Smith wants to drink rum.)

Waiter: Good evening, Mr. Smith. Your usual, a pint of bitter?

Mr. Smith: Not this time. I want a rum.

Waiter: We have white rum, old rum?light rum, traditional rum and great aroma rum. Which one do you want to drink?

Mr. Smith: Light rum, please.

Waiter: On the rocks or not?

Mr. Smith: With ice, please.

Waiter: Here you are. Mr. Smith.

Mr. Smith: Thank you.