say goodbye

say goodbye

Well, stay then.

Can I come around and see you now?

I have to go on a trip urgently for two weeks?

I won't be able to relax until you're safely back home again. Look after yourself while I'm outside.

I do hate saying goodbye.

A: I've come to say goodbye to you, Jane.

B: How time flies! Is there anything I can do for you?

A: No, thanks! I'm sorry I'll have to leave an old friend. I'll never forget your kindness and help during my stay here.

B: Oh, don't say that. We've enjoyed your stay with us, too.


(John rings up Carmen for goodbye.)

John: Mr. Carmen. I'm calling to say goodbye. I'll be leaving tomol rrow. But before I leave, I want to thank you for what you've done for me during my visit here.

Carmen: It's very kind of you to say that, John. We are glad to have you , Now I'm sure you're excited to be back home soon.

John: Oh, yes.

Carmen: When will you leave?

John: The plane will leave at 10:00.

Carmen: I'll come to see you off at the airport, won't I?

John: No, sir, thank you.

Carmen: OK. Please give our best regards to your wife and your son.

John: Thanks a lot. And if you ever visit my country, be sure and stay with us a few days.

Carmen: I'll do that. Pleasant journey!