See doctor in hotel

See doctor

I need your help badly.

I doubt it, sir.

Is it serious?

We'll have someone there in about 30 minutes. I haven't been too well lately.

Hope it won't be too much trouble.

A: is this Orange Hotel?

B: Yes, it is.

A: I'm terribly sorry to disturb you so late at night, but I have some urgent business with Mr. Brown. My name is David.

B: Just a minute. I'll call him.

(Harry is asking Cathy for something.)

Cathy: Hello, it's an emergency. Can you take a doctor here. I'm in Room 1011.

Clerk: OK.

Harry: What's wrong with her?

Cathy: She said she got a bad stomachache.

Harry: How long has she been in this way?

Cathy: For about two hours. It started not long after supper.

Harry: I have to give her an examination first. Don't worry.

Cathy: OK, thank you!

Harry: What did she have for supper?

Cathy: A hamburger, a case of hash browns and a bowl of soup.

Harry: Is that all?

Cathy: After supper, she also had an icecream, a sandwich and so? thing else.

Harry: That's the problem. But it's nothing serious, only indigestion to too much food.

Cathy: Yes, she said she was so full. Then what should we do?

Harry: I'll write you a prescription, and you'd better buy some for me .