Self service

Self service

I'd tike some different taste.

Be at home. Help yourself, please.

Can I have a straw?

I'd like a hot dog with onion and cabbage.

There are quite a lot of good-looking desserts there.

We serve buffet here. Our buffet price is 50 yuan for each cover. We like it.

Please help yourselves to the buffet.

Look at the buffet table! Ifs well decorated and well organized. And there is an array of fancy dishes.

(Jack eats at self service.)

Waiter: Next, please.

Jack: Hi. Can i get an egg muffin, and...

Waiter: I'm sorry, but breakfast is only served between 7:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.. Would you like to try our new product Thai style chicken burger? You might like spicy food for a change.

Jack: Well, not really. I think i'll have the crispy chicken burger instead.

Waiter: Would you like the chicken burger on its own or the set meal? Combo Number 3 comes with French fries and a large drink. Jack: The combo looks like a better deal, but can I change the fries to onion rings?

Waiter: Yes, you can.

Jack: I'd also like a salad.

Waiter: I suggest that you order our “Brunch Deal”if you also want salad. You can have a burger of any kind, vwth a side order, salad, chicken soup, and soft drink.