Asking about Sightseeing

Asking about Sightseeing

Could you tell me what there is to see here?

Can I have a sightseeing pamphlet?

Please tell me some places to visit, Can you tell me the best sightseeing route to take?

Are there any city sightseeing buses?


A: Is this your first time to Shanghai, sir?

B: Yes. I don't know much about Shanghai. Could you tell me some   places to visit?

A: Certainly.i suggest you visit the Bund and Nanjing Road.

B: Great! There are many special attractions in this city, I suppose.

A: If you are interested in sailing along the river, you can enjoy the scenery on both sides and have a full view of the Bund.

B: That sounds wonderful. Thank you for your advice.


(A guest just goes to Hong Kong and wants to go to some famous places.)

Guest: Excuse me, I was told that there is a famous temple in Hong Kong. Could you tell me where it is?

Clerk: Certainly, sir. I guess you mean Wong Tai Sin Temple. It's on Kowloon side. You could either go by MTR or taxi. I'd be pleased to arrange our hotel's limousine for you if you like.

Guest: i prefer to go by subway. Can you show me the way?

Clerk: Just take the Subway to Wong Tai Sin station and follow the signs.

Guest: Thank you very much. By the way, could you reserve a table for me at the Prince Seafood restaurant for tonight?

Clerk: Yes, sir. For how many persons?

Guest: Just two, Mr. and Mrs. Brown.

Clerk: I'll take the reservation right away. What else do you need, sir?