I want to eat some spaghetti with just all around good salad.

How about Italian? I love spaghetti and meatballs.

The spaghetti in that restaurant is very famous.

There are two components to any pasta dish, the pasta itself and the sauce.

Just bring me a piping hot dish of lasagna, okay?

A: Would you like to take a look at the menu?

B: I'll have Italian food for a change today. Will you recommend me

some Italian dishes?

A: We have the fried prawns today. And we also have spaghetti.

B: That sounds good. I'll try that.

(Mr. Xiang orders spaghetti after looking at the menu.)

Waiter: May i show you our lunch menu?

Mr. Xiang: Yes, please.

Waiter: Here it is. Take your time.

Mr. Xiang: Yes, I'll have a mixed salad, an order of spaghetti. Which vegetables come with the salad?

Waiter: Tomato, cucumber, onion, etc.

Mr. Xiang: That's fine. By the way, I'd like come beer and a cup of coffee.

Waiter: Yes, we have a semolina pasta in hearty Bolognese meat sauce flavored with red wine, onion, celery and olive oil. Do you want to have a try?

Mr. Xiang: It sounds good. That's it. Do you have any salad oil or dripp­ing?

Waiter: Certainly. I’ll bring some to you.