Spilling Water on Guests

Spilling Water on Guests

Could you change clothes, sir, and give me the wet ones for cleaning?! We will deliver your suit by twelve noon tomorrow.

I’m very sorry for the (my) mistake (clumsiness).

I'm very sorry to have spoilt (ruined) your evening.

I'm afraid we cannot have it laundered by the time you check out.

A: I'm very sorry, sir. I'll bring you a cloth immediately.

B: Hurry up!

C: Good evening, sir. rm the Head Waiter and I'd like to apologize for our carelessness. May i clean it up for you?

B: No, I’ll do it myself!

C: We are very sorry to have caused you this trouble.

B: That's OK.


(A waiter spilt water on a guest)

Guest: Take care.

Waiter: I'm sorry, sir. HI bring you a cloth immediately. Have you been scalded?

Guest: No, I’m OK. But the suit is dirty, and I have an important appoin­tment this afternoon.

Waiter: I'm terribly sorry about it. Please believe me I didn't do it on purpose. May I clean it up for you?

Guest: I should think so, too!But how long will it take and how can I get my suit back?

Waiter: Don't worry, sir. It only takes 30 minutes. We have arranged a room for you where you can wait until your suit is dry-cleaned.

Guest: All right.

Waiter: rm very sorry for the inconvenience.

Guest: That's OK.