Table Money and Tip

Table Money and Tip

Here is the money you overpaid.

Thank you for your kindness, but we don't receive tips. Keep the change.

Here's one hundred marks, keep the change.

A: Could ?have the bill, please?

B: Here you are, sir. I hope you enjoyed your dinner.

A: Yes, I did. Do I pay you or the cashier?

B: Pay me, please. The change, sir.

A: Keep it.

B: Thank you, sir.


(The restaurant does not accept tips.)

Waiter: Are you all through, sir?


Waiter:Did you enjoy your dinner?

Guest:Yes, everything was very good. Can I have my bill, please?

Waiter:Yes, one moment, please. The cashier will have your bill ready in a moment.

Guest: Do you accept foreign currency?

Waiter: We accept US dollars. But we only have RMB for change. Do you mind?

Guest: No. How much is it in US dollar?

Waiter: It comes to 95 dollars.

Guest: Thanks for your nice service. Here is 100 dollars. Keep the change, please.

Waiter: Thank you. But we don't accept tips. Please come again.