Tableware dirty

Tableware dirty

This plate is dirty.

This spoon is dirty.

Please clear away our table. The glass is unclear.

A: There's no ashtray on the table!

B: I'm very sorry, sir. I'll bring you one.

A: Could I have some matches(toothpicks), please?

B: Certainly, sir. I'll bring you some.

A: This glass is cracked!

B: Sorry. I'll change another one for you.

A: Hurry up.


(When a guest is waiting for his friend, he finds there is a crack in , bowl.)

Guest: Waiter. We will have one more friend later. Could you please 1 provide us with one more set of tableware?

Waiter: OK. Just wait a moment.

Guest: Thanks.

Waiter: Here is the tableware you want.

Guest: Thank you! Er, the bowl has a crack in it. Can you change it  another one?

Waiter: I’m sorry. I will bring you another one at once.

Guest: OK.

Waiter: Here you are. Is this bowl, OK?

Guest: The bowl is spotted.

Waiter: I'm so sorry.

Guest: Change another one again as quickly as possible.