take order

take order

Would you like some beef? Will you take some soup? You order first.

What is there?

A: Can i take your order, sir?

B: Yes, well have one avocado and one prawn cocktail to start with, please. And to follow, one rump steak and one large burger. Don't forget I donl want chips.

A: Oh, yes, no chips with the steak. How would you like your steak  rare, medium or well-done?

B: Rare, piease.

A: OK.

(Sue and Susan are taking orders.)

Waiter. Are you ready to order?

Sue: Yes, we are. I have pork chops with creamed com and a Caesar salad.

Waiter Would you like an appetizer?

Sue: Yes, I'd like Lvdagunr, piease.

Waiter: And what will you have?

Susan: We'd both like the scampi with potatoes.

Walter: What kind of dressing on your salad?

Sue: I'H have roquefort... and my friend will have French dressing And I'd like the marinated herring.

Susan: That sounds good.i think I will have that too.

Walter; Yes, Can I get you anything else?

Sue: No, I think that will be all for now. We'lt order our dessert later