If you're in the mood for something light, I think the jasmine tea is your best option.

I just put the tea leaves in a minute ago, so you'll want to let it steep for a few minutes before pouring.

I think the tea has steeped for long enough.

It smells wonderful.

If you like this, then I think you'll love Longjing tea.

A: Waiter, may I order a glass of tea?

B: Do you like your tea strong or weak?

A: Rather weak please.

B: How do you like the tea?ls it too strong for you?

A: The tea is excellent, but I find it rather strong. Give me a little more warm water.

(Ella drinks teas in tea house.)

Cora: What kind of tea are you going to have,ella?

Ella: I don't know. This is all new to me. What's the difference betw­een green tea and flower tea?

Cora: Green tea's flavor is stronger. Flower tea is sweeter.

Ella: And what about eight treasures tea?

Cora: Eight treasures tea is the sweetest of the three.

Ella: I can't decide between the green tea, flower tea, and eight treas­ures tea.

Cora: I think you will be happy with the green tea. Ifs the most popular. It's also the freshest. It came in just a few days ago.

Ella: Okay, you convinced me. Let's order a pot of green tea. You know a lot about tea.