It's my first time to drink tequila. Please add an olive.

Leave off the cherry, please.

I'll have the same as him.

I'll drink it straight.

Make it a double.

A: Sir. care for some wine?

B: A dry white wine, please.

A: Would you like to try some Chinese Tequila?

B: What's the tequila?

A: It is an alcoholic beverage.

B: OK. Let me have a taste.

A: Please wait a moment.

B: All right.







(Rex also orders tequila.)

Waiter: Would you like another liquor?

Rex: OK. A tequila, please....

Waiter: What would you like to have for dessert? Ice-cream or hot pie?

Rex: Fine. I'd like to have a hot strawberry pie.

Waiter: Your hot strawberry pie, sir. Shall I bring your liquor now, or later?

Rex: Now, thank you.

Rex: May I have the bill? And the coffee, please.

Waiter: Certainly, sir. (After a while) Here is your coffee. How is every­thing?

Rex: Fine, thank you.