Ticket service in hotel

Ticket service

I want to book one ticket for the next flight to London. I want a ticket for tomorrow.

Would you like to book a ticket for this flight?

When does it depart?

You can have the ticket sent to your room.

Could you book a ticket for me?


A: Good morning, sir. Can I help you?

B: I want to book an air ticket to Hong Kong for tomorrow night. Can you do that for me?

A: Certainly, sir. Just a minute, I'll check the vacancy. I'm sorry, sir. The economy class is fully booked. Would you take the executive class?

B: That's fine. Is it refundable?

A: Yes, sir. But if the ticket has been issued, then a charge of 30 Hong Kong dollars will be needed for cancellation.

B: OK. I'll take that.


(Ada wants to book a plane ticket to New York.)

Clerk: Good morning, miss. Can I help you?

Ada: Yes, I'm Ada in Room 1203. I'd like to get a seat on a flight to New York tomorrow.

Clerk: We have two flights at 3:00 p. m. and 6:50 p.m..

Ada: I'd like to take the first available flight.

Clerk: Would you prefer first class or economy class?

Ada: An economy ticket with an open return, please.

Clerk: I'm sorry, miss. The economy class has been fully booked tomorrow I wonder if you'd consider taking the 6:50 flight.

Ada: Can you tell me what time it gets to New York?

Clerk: It gets to New York at 22:10. How's that?

Ada: Let me see. That's OK.

Clerk: We'll send the ticket to your room this evening. You may pay when you get the ticket.