The Time of Serving

The Time of Serving

We are in a hurry. Please rush our orders

We are unwilling to wait longer than 15 minutes for food or services! Our shop, a long time because of barbecue, served with the order so please wait.

I think sometimes I had to wait too long for dishes.

A: Waiter.

B: Yes, sir?

A: I've been trying to catch your eyes for the last 20 minutes.

B: I'm terribly sorry. What can I do for you?

A: How much longer are we going to have to wait for our dinner?

B: I'll see about your order. Would you like a salad while you're waiting?

A: No, thank you.

(A guest is complaining about the long time of serving.)

Guest: Waiter. I ordered my meal at least thirty minutes ago and it stii hasn't come. Why is it taking so long?

Waiter: rm very sorry, sir. I'll check your order with the chef.

Guest: Please do and hurry up! I've got an appointment in forty-five minutes.

Waiter: Just a moment, please. I'll bring order at


Waiter: Your meal, sir. We're very sorry for the delay. Please enjoy your lunch.

Guest: It's delicious. What's this?

Waiter: It's white bait fish from the Tai hu Lake.

Guest: Ah, the fish is boneless and transparent.

Waiter: Yes, and it's nutrient. Excuse me, here's the Instant-boiled White Shrimp. Please enjoy yourselves.

Guest: Thank you, but the shrimp is a bit too small