Traditional Rice Wine

Traditional Rice Wine

Sorry, I never touch alcoholic drink.

I'd like something a little stronger.

I'd like to try something made locally in your country.

A: You mean the glutinous wine is good for the health?

B: Yes, sir We call it a healthy wine because everything in it is natural.

And the wine contains eight kinds of amino acid and protein.

A: As far as I know, all these elements are essential to our health.

B: That's true. And this wine even has a beauty effect, for it is rich in vitamins and minerals.

A: That's really attractive to me. Please bring me a bottle.

(A waiter suggests to have some Chinese wine.)

Guest: Good evening.

Waiter: Good evening! Would you like some wine? Here is the wine list.

Guest: Yes. What would you recommend?

Waiter: I'd suggest you try some Chinese wine. We have Chinese rice wine and Chinese white liquor.

Guest: Are there any differences between them?

Waiter: Yes. Chinese rice wine is made from rice or sticky rice, the Chinese white wine is made from barley, wheat or Chinese sorghum. People from south of China prefer rice wine while those from the north drink white liquor. If you prefer mild liquor, I think the Chinese yellow wine will be a good choices and it go well with the crab you ordered