It was vodka, and it packed quite a punch. Vodka adds to ginger drink.

It's vodka and apple juice.

Let me introduce some good vodka for you.

A: Your vodka, sir. May I serve it now?

B: Yes, please.

A: Will this be all right?

B: Yes, it's just fine.

A: Thank you, sir.

B: Can you put some ices in it?

A: Certainly, sir. Here you are.

B: Thanks.


(Peter and Harry order liquors at ban )

Waiter: Good evening, sir. What'll you have?

Peter: Harry, what do you want?

Harry: Vodka and fresh orange, please take plenty of ice.

Waiter: OK, so that's a vodka and fresh orange juice with plenty of ice. It is fresh orange juice, isn't it?

Harry: Yes.

Waiter: Oh, yes, sir. Is that with a slice of lemon, sir?

Harry: Yeah, you'd better.

Waiter: With ice and lemon, sir?

Peter: Harry, do you want ice and lemon?

Harry: Yes, to the ice no to the lemon.

Peter: Did you get that?

Waiter: Yes, sir.