Waiting a Moment

Waiting a Moment

Could you wait about 5 minutes, please?

Could you wait a little longer, please?

Could you wait in line until a table is free, please? I'm very sorry to have kept you waiting, sir.

A: Good morning, sir. Welcome to the cafeteria.

B: Good morning.

A: How many persons, please?

B: A table for three, please?

A: I'm afraid you must form a line. Because there are many people here.

B: Well, how long will it take?

A: I'm not sure, sir.

(In order to satisfy with the guest, a waiter lets them wait a moment)

Waiter: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. A table for six? Will this table do?

Guest: We want one far from the band. The music is too loud.

Waiter: Just a moment, please. I'll arrange another table for you.

Guest: Ifs much better.

Waiter: What would you like, ladies and gentlemen?

Guest: Let's have a bottle of champagne.

Waiter: Good idea!

Guest: What is your “house wine”?

Waiter: I would recommend the dry sherry.

Guest: We'll try that.

Waiter: Bottled or draught?

Guest: Draught, please.

Waiter: Certainly. Just a moment, please.