wake up call service

wake up call service

When would you like to be waken up?

Would you please wake me up tomorrow morning? Please call me at six o'clock without fail.

This is the front desk.

Can you call back in 15 minutes?

A: This is room service. May I help you?

B: Yes, I'd like to be waken up tomorrow morning.

A: Certainly, sir. At what time?

B: At around 5:30 a. m.

A: What kind of call would you prefer, by phone or by knocking at the  door?

B: By knocking at the door.

A: Sure.


(A guest asks a wake-up call service at 6:00.)

Guest: I'm going to the airport early tomorrow morning, so I would like i to ask for a wake-up call.

Clerk: OK. What's your number, please?

Guest: Room 1809.

Clerk: At what time would you like us to call you tomorrow morning?

Guest: Well, I'm not really sure.But I have to be at the airport to check  in by 8:00. You would know how long it takes to drive there   from the hotel, wouldn't you?

Clerk: Usually it takes almost half an hour.

Guest: That means I’ll have to be on the road before 7:30.

Clerk: That's right.

Guest: Well, in that case,i would like you to call me at 6:30.

Clerk: Okay. We will wake you up at 6:30 tomorrow morning.

Guest: Thank you.

Clerk: It's my pleasure.