web service

web service

Where can I rent it?

If you have decided, just call us or come to the business  yourself, then we will arrange one for you.

Can I rent a wifi one?

We will arrange it for you as quickly as we can.

A: My personal computer hasn't worked for several weeks.

B: Oh, I am so sorry to hear that.

A: I can't bear a life without computer any longer.

B: Don't worry. Now our hotel is equipped with all brands of computer, You can rent one if you want.

A: That's a good idea.

(There s something wrong with the computer that Bernie renteij yesterday in the hotel.)


Tom: Hello, sir. Does the computer work well?

Burnie: There's something wrong with the computer i rented yesterday.

Tom: What's the trouble?

Burnie: The picture is wobbly.

Tom: Really? May I have a look at it?

Burnie: Of course.

Tom: Don't worry. It must be a small problem. I'll send for staff 1 the maintenance department.

Burnie: Thank you very much.

Tom: You are welcome. They will come in ten minutes. Is there anything else I can do for you?

Burnie: No, thanks. Oh. i remember it. can ydu mend my PC