the wedding party

the wedding party

Congrsrtulation, and aH my best wishes.

May every happiness be yours m yow manriage.

so happy you were able to attend our wedding,What a handsome couple they make!

You must be the happiest girl in the world.

A: How splendKJ and deKghtM the wedding party, Isn't  it?

B: Yes. Now we have to congraUiiate our friend Mr. Lee on his marr­iage.

A: Lets drink a toast to celebrate the wedding of Miss Wang and Mr. Lee!

B: Happiness to you Mr. and Mrs. Lee!

C: Thank you for your kirxfeiess!

B: Cheers.

C: Cheers


Frank: Hey, congratutations!

Peter. Thank you.

Frank: You've made it, Peter.

Peter Yes, I feel I'm the luckiest man on the earth.

Frank: You surely are. Jenny is so beautiful and intelligent.

Peter:also got the best personality.

Frank: Where are you going on your  honeymoon?

Peter We're going to Eimspe. Jmny ways wanted to go to Paris.

Frank: Ah, Paris, such a romantic place in newlyweds.