I like my whisky neat.

Whisky on the rocks, please. No water, thanks.

The rush hasn't started yet. Straight up or on the rocks?

A: Good evening, sir. What can I do for you?

B: Good evening. Give me a double whisky and soda.

A: How would you like it, straight or on the rock?

B: With iced water, not with ice.

A: OK.

B: My friend, called Jesse, will come a moment later. If he comes, please tell me.

A: OK. sir. Anything else?

B: No, thanks.

(A guest orders whisky at bar.)

Waiter: Good evening, sir! What can I make for you tonight?

Guest: I'll have a Scotch.

Waiter: We have Chivas Regal, Maker's Mark, Johnny Walker Black and Red Labels, CuttySark, Queen Ann. Which would you like?

Guest: Give me a Chivas Regal.

Waiter: Royal Salute or 12 years?

Guest: Royal Salute.

Waiter: One Chivas Regal Royal Slaute. And How would you like your Scotch, straight or on the rock?

Guest: With iced water.