Wrong number

Wrong number

I'm sorry.i dialed the wrong number.

I'm sorry but no one by that name lives here.

That's our number all right, but there is not the person who lives here, What's the name of the person you want to speak to?

Nobody is there by that name.

A: Hello.

B: Who do you want to talk to?

A: Mary.

B: I'm sorry, but you have the wrong number. We don't have anyone by that name here.

A: Isn't this 80332757?

B: No, it's 80332575.

A: Oh, I am terribly sorry.

B: That's all right.

(John has dialed the wrong number.)

Clerk: Hello. Golden City Hotel.

John: Hello, may i please speak to George Hatton?

Clerk: To whom, did you say?

John: George Hatton.

Clerk: I m sorry but no one by that name lives here. What number are you calling?

John: 68741001.

Clerk. That's not our number all right.

John. I must have the wrong number. I'm terribly sorry.

Clerk: That's all right.i hope you find Mr. Hatton. Good-bye.