How to Make friends online

Hello, My name is Robin, from China, I posted a thread yesterday at   that man is me.  and i found your kindly replied and willing help me to learn english. that's amazing!!!
I really want to know more about you. waiting for your reply.

Hello Robin , yes of course i would love to be your friend and help you learn english , i am an australian man , and have friends that i write to all around the world . we have many tourists that come to my island of tasmania, have you heard of tasmania ? i live in the capitol city of hobart. have a good evening, i look forward to your reply ,, Tom :)

Hi  Tom,
Thanks for your replied. i am so excited got your email.  I like travel too, but i didn't know tasmania, i will see it at google map later. I have learn english for many years ,but i could not speak english well . do you like chinese things? such as Tai Chi, Kung FU,  or others.
I lived in Shenzhen , a city in the south of china. near by Hong Kong. China have many beautiful place, terracotta warriors, great wall,forbidden city and more, did you visited china before ? maybe we should keep contact in the future, i want to learn something from you.
Hi Robin
How are you ? thankyou for your email,, today is sunday and my last day of rest before i go back to work. i have heard of your city and have always had an interest in china. my daughter even had a school trip to china a few years ago , my little island of tasmania is very different to where you live,, there are not many people here , and we have a lot of natural forests and wild rivers,, we have a little native animal that is unique to my island ( the tasmanian devil )  . i get to meet many chinese tourists in my job and overall i find the chinese very respectful and a pleasure to deal with,, i look forward to learning from you too my friend  . have a good day , bye for now ,,, Tom ( my friends call me Tom )
Hello Tom,
How are you today, i am doing well. Yes, tomorrow i have to work, my job is software developing working a brand licensing company. some times i should create a website, some times i have to solving the network problem,event  my   colleague computer doesn't work, it's all my work. my boss often visit other countries.
I have see Tasmania using google map, is not big, but i can feel there was a nice place through your description. natural forests and wild rivers,wild animal are my favorite. i like go to nature place and often go to other Scenic spots with my good friends , i like travel, last week i visited a small island In Zhuhai city, Between Macau and Hong kong .
It sounds your job about travel.  right ? maybe is very funny for you.

Oh, now is 23:00, i have to sleep. tomorrow i get up at 7:30 ,and by metro to company for 30 min. we start working at 8:30... that's boring.... and may you have a great day .bye.
Hi Robin,,
how are you ? your english is quite good , do you use a translator device on the computer ? we live totally different lives in different parts of the world,, for me it is very interesting to talk to you .. may i ask for your email address ? i want to add you to my contacts and it wont let me at the moment ? i am not very fluent on computers. is there any photos that i can take to send you ? my house is on  the edge of a large river ,, my house is an older style timber structure and i am restoring it to modern standards , we have four cars in my family and rarely use public transport , there is a large mountain which overlooks my city of hobart ( mount wellington )  .  will you travel one day to see other countries ?? i have only Tomn to mainland australia , queensland , victoria and south australia,, but maybe one day,,, there is so much to tell you about my life and culture , have a pleasant evening Robin,, your friend "Tom"
Hello Tom,
I am very very excited heard from your letter. because you are the first foreigner using talk to me Sincerely in my life.Thank you. i am not good at english, i just can speak a little simple english. i learn english start 10 year in primary school, but until i graduated from collage 2 years ago, i never get 60 score. what a pity! maybe you don't know, in china, most of english teacher are native chinese speaker, they try to using chinese to explain english to students, they always teach english grammar rues. that's boring. the result is most of students couldn't not speak english well. just can speak a normal english like : how are you, i am fine ,thank you, and you? where are you from..........
You told me you have 4 cars, that's wonderful. maybe you are so rich. in china, most of university students could not buy a house, a car. because the price is very very expensive and the salary is too low. we are living under high pressure. you said right, we live totally different lives in different parts of the world. everything is different. i am very interesting in your story.
My email account is (usually use)  or  
Yes, please send me photos about you and your family. i really want to see your great house and you local scenery. If one day i can go to your country i am sure visit your hometown. but i should working hard to make more money......
Tomorrow i have to go to office. it's time to say good bye.