Idiom start A letter

Idiom start A letter

a clean slate

to start new or afresh

She wants to start her new job with a clean slate.

a piece of cake

a very easy or simple task

Speaking Chinese is a piece of cake for her.

a breeze

a very easy or simple task

Preparing the daily financial report is a breeze.

a slight hiccup

a small problem or delay

We had a slight hiccup in the rollout of the new software program.

a stretch

to exaggerate

His explanation was a stretch, but some people believe him.

ahead of the curve

to be better prepared than others

I think she is ahead of the curve and will do well compared to the others.

all in all

in general or overall

All in all, I had a good time last night at the party.

already on the water

to already be on the way (in transit)

The shipment is already on the water, so the order could not be canceled.

ants in his pants

to be impatient

I think he’s got ants in his pants to go home early for the dinner party.


someone who is very creative

My sister is very artsy fartsy.