Idiom start B letter

Idiom start B letter

back out

to reverse an action or decline

I’m sorry to back out of the meeting today, but I had another appointment.

back pedal

to right a wrongful comment or action

After he said her dress looked ugly, he tried to back pedal by apologizing.

bark up the wrong tree

to challenge the wrong person

The driver was barking up the wrong tree, by arguing with the police.

be there or be square

to pressure someone to attend

Everyone will be at the party tonight, so be there or be square.

beat a dead horse

to already be a past incident

Let’s not beat a dead horse by still worrying about it.

beef up

to strengthen

We need to beef up our workforce before we expand our marketing efforts.

bent over backwards

to exceed expectations (by a lot)

He bent over backwards to help his colleagues every day this week.

benefit of the doubt

to think positively of someone

Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt since he started the job last week.

between a rock & hard place

a no win situation

Because of his lie, he was caught between a rock and a hard place.

big deal

significant subject or issue

Let’s not make a big deal of it since it’s already a past issue.

bigger fish to fry

to prioritize the important things

He shouldn’t worry about the little details, since there are bigger fish to fry.

bird dog

to pursue and investigate thoroughly

You need to bird dog this issue until it is resolved.

bite off...than (you) can chew

to over-commit; take on too much

Be careful not to bite off more than you can chew with this project.

black and white

to be extremely clear

The vacation policy is very black and white.

blow off

to ignore or disregard

I’m sorry to blow off dinner tonight, and I will try to join next time.

blown out of proportion

to exaggerate

The issue got blown out of proportion, since nobody really cared.

bog down

to slow down or burden

The extra luggage will bog down our traveling time.

bread and butter

to be the main source of revenue

This model is our bread and butter product for the company.

bright spot

a positive occurrence or event

Drinking coffee was the first bright spot in my day.

bump on a log

to be passive; to not participate

Don’t be a bump on a log during the next meeting, we need your input!