Phrasal Verbs

The following Phrasal Verbs and Definitions are just a small sample from the game, Having Fun with Phrasal Verbs by Dymon Publications.

Level 1

Phrasal Verb


ask for

request, seek information

call (s) up


cool (s) down

become less stressed

fall down

collapse, drop from a higher to lower position

get up

arise from bed

keep on


look at

focus on something visually

put (s) on

place clothing on the body

set (s) up

1) arrange 2) entrap

stand for


talk over

discuss deeply

turn (s) on

start a machine or something electric

Level 2

Phrasal Verb


beat (s) up

assault severely, attack, act violently, hit

care for

1) take responsibility for 2) prefer, like

cut down (on)

reduce intake of food

fill (s) in

put information in a blank or space on paper

get on

enter a bus, train

hold on (to)

1) grasp 2) endure

let (s) down


plan on


run away


sign up


take over

assume control

turn (s) down

1) refuse an invitation 2) reduce the volume

Level 3

Phrasal Verb


ask (s) out

invite someone for a date

calm down

relax, reduce stress

come over

come to where I am

fall apart

lose control or consistency

get into

take an interest in something

keep away (from)

stay at a distance

look (s) over

peruse or read generally, skim

pile (s) up

make a heap, stack or collection

run (s) over

drive over something with a vehicle

sit up

have good posture when sitting

talk with

discuss an issue with someone

turn in

1) retire to bed 2) submit

Level 4

Phrasal Verb


back (s) up

1) move in reverse 2) support

carry on


drive (s) away

repel or push strongly away

follow up (on)

check to see that someone has completed a task

go ahead

move forward

knock (s) out

make someone unconscious

look into

investigate, explore

plan for

prepare for the future

run out (of)

use up the total supply

sort (s) out

separate into categories

take apart


turn (s) over

1) give control of 2) flip onto the other side

Level 5

Phrasal Verb


ask around

make a general inquiry; survey a number of people

call out

shout, say loudly

come through (with)

surprisingly fulfill or achieve

fall for

be gullible, or innocently believe a deception

get rid of

throw away

kick (s) out


look down on

consider something to be of lower value

plug (s) in

connect an electrical device to a socket

set out

start a trip

spread out

disperse or scatter

take (s) up

begin a new hobby or pastime

turn around

1) rotate 2) reverse

Level 6

Phrasal Verb


ask about

inquire, investigate, question, interview

carry (s) out

fulfill or finish a plan

cool off

lower the temperature

fade away

diminish or lessen

get back to

return to what one was doing; return a call

head for

move toward a goal

light (s) up

1) make brighter 2) ignite a cigarette

phase (s) out

reduce over time

rip (s) off


slip away

remove oneself discreetly

stop by

visit spontaneously

walk into

enter a situation

Level 7

Phrasal Verb


add (s) on

increase, include something extra

buy (s) out

purchase the complete or remaining supply

dish (s) out


fall through

fail to achieve a plan

go about

proceed as normal

jump into

begin immediately

look away

refrain from looking at something

pick up on

catch the meaning

see to

take care of a task

stand down


strike back

hit in retaliation

vouch for

recommend someone

Level 8

Phrasal Verb


act (s) out

pretend, pantomime, show something imagined

carry (s) away

take something to another place

cut back (on)

reduce the supply

fall into

conform or adapt

give (s) out

emit or discharge

keep (s) back

maintain one's distance

loosen up


pull (s) off


save (s) up

keep money for a future purchase

sneak out

exit secretly

talk back (to)

speak rudely or disrespectfully

walk in on

unexpectedly interrupt someone involved in an activity

Level 9

Phrasal Verb


beef (s) up

increase, augment, add to, enlarge

button (s) up

fasten buttons on clothing

complain about

express discontent

fall behind

become behind schedule

get with

pay attention

hold (s) off

wait, delay

lie about

tell untruths

peek in(to)

look discreetly

rise up (against)


shake (s) down

extort or extract money by threats or fear

stem from

originate from

toss (s) out

discard or throw away

Level 10

Phrasal Verb


black (s) out

darken, cloud, cut off electricity

butter (s) up

flatter, praise, compliment

cross (s) off

draw a line through a listed item

dig (s) up

discover through research

feel up to

consider oneself fit for a task

grow out of

become too big for one's clothing

keep to

hold to oneself

pay (s) up

give money for what is owed

put past

don't expect someone to behave in a certain way

separate (s) from


squeeze out (of)

force information out

subtract from

take something away