Chinese officers meeting to prevent waste

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Recently, Xi Jinping, the general secretary of an internal reference reported Xinhua News Agency made important instructions, requiring strict implementation of various cost-saving measures, and resolutely put an end to the phenomenon of public money wasted, so austerity, against waste in the whole society has become so rampant. In the afternoon of the 20th, received important instructions about implementing Xi Jinping general secretary of the spirit of the notice of the General Office of the CPC Central Committee, according to the requirements of the Provincial Party leading comrades, the night of the Provincial Office on the next issued a notice requiring all localities and departments and is being held in the province " two sessions "quickly communicated to learn and implement, the grabbed from now, from the province of the" two sessions "and the Spring Festival grabbed effectively rigorously enforce thrift and economy

Resolutely oppose extravagance and waste, and take the lead to establish a good image, so as to achieve tangible results.

Province were held yesterday morning and afternoon, the second session of the National People's Congress meeting, the group the provincial CPPCC eleventh meeting to consider a start, each convener of the group first to convey the spirit and the Central Committee General Office of the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, the provincial party committee office Hall of the notice requirements, immediately aroused strong resonance and repercussions on behalf of members attend the province of the "two sessions". That the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, reflects the voices and aspirations of the cadres and the masses, and that attitude and firm determination of the central rigorously enforce thrift, oppose extravagance and waste, reflecting the central concern for the lives of the masses, and focus on improving the livelihood of the people feelings.

As one on behalf of migrant workers from the grassroots level, Liyang Tianmu Lake Tourist Co., Ltd. Gardens of branch cruise workers Zheng Guangcheng, this requirement of the central government repeatedly said: "My hometown in rural areas of Henan, despite all these years made great progress in the development of the country, but in the Midwest, the people have enough to eat or waste of public funds if the cadres eating and drinking, it will alienate the distance of the leaders and the masses. senior leadership from catering waste behavior grabbed believe that this situation will be completely changed. "

In fact, in the province is being held on the "two sessions", many on behalf of members have felt this rigorously enforce thrift, hard work and efficiency of the new style. Provincial CPPCC members from the education front, Nanjing Langya Road Primary School Principals Qiyun Dong said, sincerely hope the Province "two sessions" this new wind blowing to continue to open to expansion so that the people can feel the new changes from the good will wind The new atmosphere. As educators, we have the responsibility to further penetrate into the national education and the traditional virtues of education in basic education for children when they are young to understand that despite our comprehensive national strength significantly improved people's living standards have markedly improved, but the country still is and will be a long period of the primary stage of socialism, the largest state of the nation has not changed, there are still hundreds of millions of rural life of the masses is still very difficult. Thrift and economy must be grabbed from the next generation, which is the continuation of the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation to carry forward, we conform to the Founding of the long-term basic national conditions.

Provincial People's Congress, Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Science and Technology Service Director Zhou Jiantao said Xi Jinping, the general secretary said the blacksmith needed its own hardware, this is not an empty phrase. Central determined to punish tongue waste and corruption on the wheel, and cadres at all levels and improve their working style, close ties with the masses, its fundamental purpose is to further unite the party and the people, in hard work and prosperous country, concyclic a dream. "