Apply Manager


Li Jian: Excuse me, is this personnel division?
Miller: Yes. What can I do for you?
Li Jian: I came about your advertisement for a senior production planner.
Miller: Oh. What's your name?
Li Jian: My name is Li Jian.
Miller: You have been in Peking University, hadn't you?
Li Jian: Yes, seven years.
Miller: What degree do you have now?
Li Jian: Master of Marketing Management.
Miller: Do you have any experience in this field?
Li Jian: Yes. I worked at AB Company.
Miller: Why are you interested in the position?
Li Jian: Because you need a senior production planner who is good at mathematics and fluent in English. I think I am fit for the position.
Miller: All right. If we decide to hire you, we'd pay you 5,000 yuan a month at the start. How do you think about it?
Li Jian: That's very good.