prepare resume

prepare resume

Liming: Hi Hailen,long time no see, I am so glad to see you today.
Hailen: Yes,before we met last time, it pass three months, Are you OK?
Liming: You know, I will graduate next month, and I have to find a job. But I haven't the faintest idea of how to go about finding a job.
Hailen: OK. Let me tell you how to start.
Liming: I guess first I should prepare a resume, right?
Hailen: Sure. You should include your name, your major,photo,address and phone number in your resume.
Liming: Then what else should I put into my resume?
Hailen: Your job objectives, of course. In other words, what do you want to do?
Liming: I got it. Then I should mention my educating background and working experience, should I?
Hailen: Yes. And don't forget to list them by date. Besides, you should begin with the most recent and then move backward.
Liming: I see. Is that all there is to it?
Hailen: No, it's also necessary to list a few related interests that are in some way connected to the jobs you want to take.
Liming: Oh, good point. You mean here I should show off my special skills and talents to impress the boss.
Hailen: You said it. At last you'd better attach a list of references to your resume.
Liming: That's easy.
Hailen: And one more thing,feel relex, smile to everybody.