Apply typist

Apply typist

Jane:What can i do for you?
Nancy: Yes, I'm looking for a job as a clerk typist in English.
Jane: I'm Jane. How can i address you?
Nancy: Please call me Nancy. How are you, Miss Jane?
Jane: I'm glad to meet you,Nancy. Sit down, please.
Nancy: Thank you, Miss Jane.
Jane: What are your qualifications for being a clerk typist?
Nancy: I can type 200 words in one minute ,and I take shorthand at 120 words a minute.
Jane: Would you be willing to take a typing and shorthand test?
Nancy: Yes, I would.
(After testing)
Jane: Your typing and stenography are pretty good. Would you be interested in applying for the job?
Nancy: Yes, I'd like to give it a try.
Jane: All right. You need to have an interview with our boss. Let's go to his office.