real job interview

real job interview

HR: i am tom
Student: ok , i am satinder pal singh

HR: nice name
Student: sir pls ask me some question , like you are taking my interview

HR: you can change the nickname
HR: ok
Student: ohhhh
Student: i m sp
HR: what's your job
Student: i want to become successful lecturer
HR: oh i see
Student: sir there is any other way make my english can improve
HR: did you prepare for it ?
Student: no not yet
Student: sir actually i m betch Student:

Student: ohhhh
Student: sir i dont know
HR: you want to teach english ?
Student: how i can help you
Student: yes sir
HR: what's your first language
Student: hindi
HR: hi guest446, just ask guest349,
Student: i know english

HR: how long have u learn english

Student: from childhood
Student: but then also not confortably speak
HR: oh i see
HR: you need to improve spoken english
HR: right?
Student: yes sir
HR: where do u live ?
Student: sir , INDIA , in HARYANA
HR: how did u know this website
Student: by entering online improve english
HR: what do u think about this site
HR: can u tell me your ideas?
Student: sir i think that this website make my english improve by chat with me , and give some ideas related to this ,
HR: good
HR: your english is really cool
HR: guest446, why not talk to something ?
HR: can u tell me why u want to be teacher?
‹guest446› i dont know what to talk
Student: sir thanks , but i am not satisfied with this much english
HR: take it easy
HR: talk anything u want to talk
Student: sir my parents thinks that this line is safe for everybody
HR: don't care about mistake
HR: oh , i see
Student: ok sir thanks alot
HR: so you liten your parents
HR: listen
HR: good
HR: guy or girl ?
Student: sir i waana give you my introduction , pls tell me that it is nice or you can improve that introduction , if i make any mistake
Student: yes sir
Student: can i start sir
Student: ?
HR: yes
HR: go on

HR: i think you are a beatiful young lady
Student: respected sir , i m satinder pal singh belongs to my lovely country india

HR: we are friends
HR: just for improve english
HR: go on

HR: so ask satinder pal singh question
Student: i m persuing my btech from Institute of science and technology , klawad . my hobbies are travelling , making projects in PHP , and learn more about PHP , and making my beautiful career in PHP line , and also my aim is to become a successful lecturer
Student: sir pls tell me its k , or need more improvement
HR: you know php ?
Student: yes sir
HR: so u want to become a computer teacher
Student: i love to make projects in PHP and always curious to learn more about PHP
Student: not only computer teacher
Student: , any subject
HR: i see. you are so powerful
Student: in which way ?
HR: did u pass any certifiate?
HR: such as ccna

Student: yes sir
Student: from NIIT
HR: did u have work Experience
Student: no sir.

i want to know which subject you learn in school

i learn or i want to teach subject in school ,you want to know that which subject i want to teach in school ?


sir in school i want to teach MATHS

why ,you good at math ?

i think so that i can teach maths rather than any other subject