Where is the nearest bank

Where is the nearest bank

Where is the nearest bank?

There are many on the main street in town.

Oh, is there anywhere closer?

Yes, the Post Office is like a bank.

What is the best bank for saving money?

Actually a Building Society is best for that.They have better interest rates for savers. Why is that?

Because the people who use the bank actually own the bank as well.

Okay, but what about if I want to access my money everyday?

A normal bank is best for that. There are many to choose from. Many of them give free gifts to new customers.

When do banks normally open?

They open at 9:00 a. m. and close at 5:00p. m..They are usually checked on Saturday aftermoon  and always closed on Sunday.

Who can open a bank account?

Anyone can open one, as long as they have two forms of identification.

What are those?

Like a passport or an ID card. You also need a letter showing where you live.

Why is that?

It’s the law.

What’s the minimum deposit?

Usually $1. 

How can I get to the bank?

There are lots of buses  that go to that street from opposite here.

Thank you.