open bank account at bank

open bank account at bank

P:Hello, how can I help you?

I would like to open a bank account.

Okay, well first you need to fill in this information form.

Fine. What’s the first thing you need to know?

What’s your name?

Neol, Prince.

How do you spell that?

N-E-O-L P-R-I-N-,C-E.

Okay and what’s your date of birth?

Dec, 12th, 1983.

I also need to know your place of birth.

I was bom in Smallville,Monrovia.

How do you spell that town?


Okay. I also need to know your current address.

Sure, that’s156 Blue Avenue. 

Okay and do you know your zip code?

Yes. It’s 174932.

Thank you. Do you have a telephone?

Mobile or home phone?

You can tell me both.

My mobile number is 07850 174 836 and my home phone is 0463 739 865.