Suggestions for Teaching Listening

Suggestions for Teaching Listening

1. Pre-Listening

What do students know about topic already?

Ask some questions for students 

(Schema activation)

Discuss their experience

(Example: Going to the dentist)

Look at titles, pictures; note new vocabulary words

2. Listening

First time: Get the "gist" (Play tape without stopping.)

Focus on main ideas and themes

Second time: Listen for details (Stop tape if necessary.)

Focus on individual words, idioms, ideas

Allow students to "guess" meaning from context

Give students a "task" (something to listen for)

Let students ask questions

Third time: Review (Play tape again without stopping.)

Make note of inferences (unspoken ideas)

What were the cues to "hidden" meaning?

3. Post-Listening

Comprehension check

Expand topic

Follow-up discussion

Cultural aspects

Relate to their lives (Personalization)