Tips for Teaching Listening

Tips for Teaching - Listening

Teaching students english is not easy,how to teach your students learn english fast? how to let your students master english in a short time.

Low Beginnning

Focus on getting students to recognize simple words and phrases in spoken English
Types of Materials: Simple texts and audio with clear context and lots of visual cues

High Beginning

Focus on straightforward, easy to follow tasks which involve spoken instructions
Types of Materials: Texts and audio which encourage quick response to spoken cues

Low Intermediate

Focus on extracting main ideas and gleaning specific information from extended speech
Types of Materials: Texts and audio which provide realistic dialogues and short speeches

High Intermediate

Focus on drawing accurate conclusions and inferences from conversation and lectures
Types of Materials: Texts and audio with simulated lectures and complex conversations


Focus on understanding authentic materials from the real world such as radio, video, etc.
Types of Materials: Realia, taped lectures and radio programs, television and movies