two student talk compus

two student talk compus

Senior Student:Hi, can you help me find some places on campus?

Junior Student:Sure, I'll give you a guided tour if you like.

Senior Student:That's great. Where are we now?

Junior Student:We are at the Main Gate.

Senior Student:What's that building on the left?

Junior Student:That's the Admission Office.

Senior Student: Okay, and what's that bigger building behind it?

Junior Student:That's the Modem Languages Building. Anyone can use that building to learn a new language.

Senior Student:That sounds great. What's that place in front of the Main Gate?

Junior Student:That's the Dining Hall.

Senior Student:Is the food any good?

Junior Student:It's okay, I suppose.

Senior Student:What are those three buildings on the right of the Dining Hall?

Junior Student:They are the science buildings. The first one is Biology,the middle one is Physics and the third one is Chemistry.

Senior Student:What's that beautiful round building?

Junior StudentThat's the Students Recreation Building.They have games and loads of activities for free.

Senior Student:Wow. That's wonderful.

Junior Student: Yeah, that really huge building near it is the Gym.Most of the sports are free, but some you have to pay for. To the right of the Gym, in that quite big building are all the dormitories.

Senior Student:What's that building in the North-West comer of the campus?

Junior Student:That's the English Literature Department.I study there.