Young People and Television

Level Pre -Intermediate and above

In this lesson the students will look at the television viewing habits of young people in the UK and compare them to the habits of young people in their own country. They will begin by making television posters, then they will do a split reading activity in pairs. The text is about television habits in the UK. They will complete a questionnaire about their own viewing habits and discuss how their habits are different from those of young people in the UK. There is an optional role playing activity where students have to agree on what to watch on television.

Plan components

Lesson Plan: - guide for teacher on procedure including answers to tasks.

Download lesson plan 68k pdf

Worksheets: - exercises which can be printed out for use in class. The worksheet contains:

  • Split reading Student A
  • Split reading Student B
  • Questionnaire
  • Role play cards with instructions

Download worksheets 57k pdf

For more information about this topic you can visit these British Council and BBC sites:


Katherine Bilsborough

The plans and worksheets are downloadable and in pdf format.

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