how to ask doctor in english

how to ask doctor in english

Clerk:Hello. This is Doctor Edward's office.can i help you?

Miss Lee:Yes, this is Miss Lee. I'd like to make an appointment to see the doctor this week, my neck have a hurn.

Clerk:Well, let's see. I'm afraid he is fully booked on Monday and Tuesday.

Miss Lee:How about Thursday?

Clerk:Sorry,Doctor Edward have an important meeting on Thursday. So, will Wednesday be O.K. for you, Miss Lee?

Miss Lee:I have to work on Wednesday. By the way, is Dr. Johnson available on Saturday?

Clerk:I'm afraid the office is closed on weekends.

Miss Lee:well, what about Friday?

Clerk:Friday. Let me have a check. Oh, great. Dr.Edward will be available on Friday afternoon this week.

Miss Lee:OK. Thanks for your help, I'll come on time.