Ask doctor for family

Ask doctor for family

Mrs. Lee: Can I speak to Dr. Johnson, please?

Dr. Johnson: Yes. This is Dr. Johnson speaking. What can I do for you?

Mrs. Lee: Oh. This is Mrs. Lee. Please help me, Dr. Johnson.

Dr. Johnson: What's the matter with you, Mrs. Lee?

Mrs. Lee: Oh, no, it's not me. My son Bill is sick.

Dr. Johnson: What's wrong with Bill?

Mrs. Lee: He has red spots on his arms, on his shoulders...

Dr. Johnson: Does he have red spots all over his body?

Mrs. Lee: Yes, he does.

Dr. Johnson: Does he have a fever?

Mrs. Lee: Yes, he does. This morning his temperature was 39 degrees in centigrade.

Dr. Johnson: Well, that's too bad.

Mrs. Lee: What's wrong with Bill? He cried all day long. I just can't stop him.

Dr. Johnson: He has the measles.

Mrs. Lee: Measles? Oh, dear. Can you come and see him now?

Dr. Johnson: I' m going to have an operation this morning. But I can come this afternoon.

Mrs. Lee: Thank you, Dr. Johnson.

Dr. Johnson: Remember, you must keep him from scratching the spots.

Mrs. Lee: No, no. I won't let him do that. See you then, doctor.

Dr. Johnson: Goodbye.