Frequently Asked Questions of Pregnant Women

Frequently Asked Questions of Pregnant Women

1. Pregnant women usually feel fetal movement from the first few weeks?

A: normal pregnant women at 18-20 weeks of pregnancy fetal movement consciously, with the increasing gestational age, fetal movement is gradually increased, reached a peak pregnant 28-32 weeks, 37-38 weeks of pregnancy decreased fetal movement.

2, normal fetal movement should be how many times a day?

A: Every pregnant early, middle and late fetal movement counting 3 bed, each one hour, the sum is multiplied by 4 to 12 hours of fetal movement, fetal movement if ? 30 times every 12 hours or ? 3 times per hour as normal.

3, pregnant women, the number of weeks of pregnancy can usually hear the fetal heart rate?

A: Pregnant women at 18-20 weeks of gestation by the maternal abdominal wall with a stethoscope to hear the fetal heart rate.

4, the number of weeks of prenatal care should begin?

A: 20-36 weeks of gestation during the inspection once every 4 weeks, 36 weeks of pregnancy starting from the inspected once a week, a total of 9 times for prenatal care, the right high-risk pregnant women, prenatal care should be appropriately increased the number.

5, normal fetal heart rate, how many times per minute?

A: The normal fetal heart rate should be 120-160 times per minute, within the fluctuations.

6, the number of normal amniotic fluid volume?

A: amniotic fluid index of 8-16cm is normal.

7, how to find the fetal heart rate?

A: Because the fetus in the womb at any time move the location of fetal heart rate may also change, usually there are several ways to find the location of fetal heart rate:

(1) before 24 weeks of pregnancy, fetal position or Shaopian often in the middle below the umbilicus.

(2) after 24 weeks of pregnancy, fetal heart rate more in the tire where the back side of the most clearly heard.

(3) hand-fetal movement is usually fetal hands and feet moving, so if the right feeling fetal movement frequency, the fetal heart is usually in the left hand, usually in the right side of the fetal heart.

(4) The head position can affect fetal heart rate, or breech position, head position (the fetal head at the bottom), the fetal heart in the left or right below the belly button. Breech presentation (the fetal head at the top) in the fetal umbilical left or right.

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8, pregnant women should start to do the first few weeks, fetal heart rate monitoring?

A: 32 weeks or more once every two weeks beginning 36 weeks or more once every week. If an exception should be promptly reviewed.

9, what is called full-term?

A: less than 28 weeks gestation, said 37 weeks premature, less than 42 weeks to 37 weeks of pregnancy, said full-term, full 422 weeks and after the said date of production, less than 28 weeks, said abortion.

10 laws of the physical characteristics of fetal movement like?

A: fetal movement frequency of the variation in the day, the night increased significantly decreased after midnight, the morning increase in the morning and there is less volatility.