Consonant Clusters with L and R

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Pronunciation: Consonant Clusters with "r" and "l"

In Phrases

pay a flat fee

gloom and doom

grease and grime

freedom of the press

mixed fruit float

a barroom brawl

blessed are the peacemakers

tried and true

freeze-dried coffee

Crystal Blue Persuasion

the bluegrass state

The Black Plague

cleanliness is next to godliness

Greek fraternity

bride and groom

black and blue bruise

a crank call

go against the grain

A man, a plan, a canal: Panama

ice cream cone

fat-free food


Blake praises Faye's faces.

Please clean up the pink drink.

Is it true that Drew won a trip for two to the zoo?

The slow snowfall showed no signs of hope.

Trent's topic was tropical flowers.

The present was a pleasant surprise.

What flavor of ice cream do you prefer?

Mr. Clifford frankly clarified his position.