Pronunciation Internet Tasks

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1. Individual Sounds (Segmentals)

Go to E.L. Easton Online: (Consonant and Vowel sounds)

How many different spelling patterns are there for the following sounds? List them.


The / f / sound can be written in several ways: f, ff, ph, gh, silent l(f)

Consonants: / f / / sh / / k / / w /

Vowels: /i/ /ey/ /a/ /a/y?

2. Suprasegmentals (Stress, Intonation, Reduction, Linking)

Choose one topic below, check the information on that topic and share what you find with a partner.

Some questions to consider:

What does it teach? How does it teach?

What visuals, graphics, audio are most helpful?

How can the presentation of material be improved?

3.Pronunciation Games

Choose one pronunciation game, read and understand it, then explain it to your partner or group members.

Games from

4.Learning Pronunciation

Go to the Learning Pronunciation Advice Sheet from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology's Language Centre:

What suggestions do they give for improving Pronunciation?

5.Pronunciation Videos

Check out Rachel's English (pronunciation videos)

Will this type of material be helpful to you and your students?
How can you use it effectively?

6. More information and Links

Austin's TESOL Blog has some excellent materials for learning and teaching pronunciation.
Good variety, and very well-organized. Check it out!